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[My Open Issues] Issue Navigator - Panduit Jira
Scrum SmartZone Folsom - Panduit Jira
[SZ-7412] Multi-agent support in the Installer - Panduit Jira
[SZ-7413] Server.keystore gets overwritten during upgrade - Panduit Jira
[SZ-7423] Script error when trying to access reports at SAP colo using IE - Panduit Jira


Scrum SmartZone Folsom - Panduit Jira
Scrum SmartZone CML - Panduit Jira
Scrum SynapSoft - Panduit Jira



[SZ-131] The selected MGMT port is not highlighted in the Location Tree after any changes - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4307] Image browser:User is not able to change uploaded file name - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4388] Property Sheet: User can create mapping values which intersect with each other - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4451] On the SZ floorplan, changing the position of the RACKs and hitting 'Update' doesn't save the changes - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4452] Inconsistency in the function of the "Reset" button while editing the SZ floorplan - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4457] Sensor Name Pattern System Setting does not update itself when changed in System Settings - Panduit Jira
*sz-4457* GitHub - hailwood/jQuery-Tagit: The Jquery Tagit Plugin transforms an html unordered list into a unique tagging plugin.
[SZ-4506] Add Rack:User is not able to click save button after clearing and populating Rack name - Panduit Jira
[SZ-182] Tasks:Grid header is hidden - Panduit Jira
[SZ-602] Faceplate 'Mini-Com Faceplate' is created with inlet side Back - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4558] By clicking Critical events bubble counter no one result is displaying - Panduit Jira
*sz-403* extjs4 - ExtJS 4: How to know when any field in a form (Ext.form.Panel) changes? - Stack Overflow
[SZ-4579] Value for optional filter is not cleaed after changing the category - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4826] Some of the "Event" types cannot be purged through the "Data Retention" Tasks - Panduit Jira
[SZ-403] Device Analytics: "Apply" and "Save" buttons are enabled if user doesn't make any changes - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4578] Bubble Counter:User is not able to make refine.The filter category is empty - Panduit Jira
[SZ-901] Multiple, unnecessary, checkbox settings required to see sensor data updates - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4786] Analytics: Save button not enabled during some changes - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4826] Some of the "Event" types cannot be purged through the "Data Retention" Tasks - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4629] Analytics: Hide un-collecting sensors by default - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5055] Exception in acmnms.log related to SensorDataPPMDB - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5204] Reservations made using the Planning tab not displayed in the Tasks page - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5221] Trying to perform a "Sensors Repoll" when the GW is in 'Service Mode' throws a polling success message - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5236] Search:User is not able to open connectivity view from advanced search - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5351] `Sensor Name Pattern` config control exhibits wrong behaviors - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5254] Update the Upgrade script to include changes from new aggregations - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5164] Search with large results sometimes shows an error saying "Search is currently unavailable" - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5371] Setting Power Circuit for PDUs - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5461] Critical events for invalid data need category type - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5550] Events generated for Invalid data show only environmental icons - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5566] PA_SENSOR_VALIDATION table not read after restart of services until Scheduled polling runs - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5808] Data Retention: Exception in the log on setting large number for "Retain Data for (Days):" - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5881] Data shown in some Invalid Data events is overly precise - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5849] Infrastructure > Location Tree: Location displays -1 in object count following reservation execution - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6089] "Set Power Circuit" option in RHS menu is absent - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6161] Artificial / Fake sensor names should not be editable - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6177] Power Gateways should NOT present the `Set Power Circuit` menu option - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6178] Set Power Circuit combobox initial value does not consider all selected items - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6186] Exception in the acmnms log on viewing Critical Events through the Event bubble - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6222] Event bubble over-counting events - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6247] Canceling a discovery in Executing state displays error message - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6419] Rack Unit capacity is not marked like a mandatory field - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6141] Branch Circuits (Amps) Latest / Max readings overlap on the RHS for very large values - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6451] 8 wire reserved connection does not allow changing Serial Number - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6454] Sensors not getting validated during discovery - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6416] Cannot setup AD - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6396] When device is deleted from location tree, unrelated message is displayed to user - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6517] Moving devices to Network locations causes SZ to hang - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6634] User can't remove first filter after advanced search - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6767] SQL ERROR: 8152, SQLState 22001 on alpha test site - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6408] Enhance SZ GUI to support larger display resolutions beyond 1600 x 1280 - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6895] GUI Issues Related to Higher Resolutions and Resizing Browser - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6408] Fix SZ GUI issues for CatalogView - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6957] SZ incorrect layouts from browser resizes and focus changes - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6959] Fix SZ GUI Issues for RackView - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6970] Popups not scaling with underlying window - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6953] Sort by "Contact Name" is not working correctly on advanced search window - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6994] Error is displaying after adding floor plan - Panduit Jira
[SZ-7005] FireFox: reservation gear is not displayed in connectivity dialog - Panduit Jira
[SZ-7059] In connectivity window Cable image color is not showing up properly for Firefox Browser - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6694] Remove transparency on all screens - Panduit Jira
[SZ-8197] Permit agent install without a running application server - Panduit Jira
[SZ-8203] Fresh install doesn't populate or PA_AGENTNODES table - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6239] Server 2016 OS and SQL 2016 Support required - Panduit Jira
[SZ-7412] Multi-agent support in the Installer - Panduit Jira
[SZ-7469] All files are not deleted after uninstall SZ - Panduit Jira
[SZ-8109] Separate Qlikview install from SmartZone application install - Panduit Jira


[SZ-4534] Device is still visible on the Floor Plan when Visible on floor plan option is No - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4206] Admin > Settings > Dashboard date format should use user-friendly string, not PHP syntax - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4274] Power information is wrong or very confusing…. - Panduit Jira
[SZ-1066] INC0187810 Events (Unauthorized Disconnect) are missing connection detail information - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5072] Upgrade of 7.1.1 database fails for SZ 7.2.0 build 3/15 - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5081] Peak kVA Sensor Type showing blank in Advanced Search - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6292] Advanced Search for Locations displays results with wrong icon - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6269] Device Analytics: sort by Timestamp does not work for Tree view; works for Grid view - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6270] Device Analytics: sort by Device Name at location level logs error in acm logger - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6252] Localized string should be displayed in Rack RHS Environmentals section - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6229] Incorrect phase 0 and 1 for volts on RHS - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6078] Device Analytics: Racks with multiple PDU do not show correct information in classic analytics view - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6302] Beacon value in Rack HS showing as 1 instead of OFF - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5253] Update retention policy to include new aggregation tables - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5020] PANDUIT: Add Install options (uninstaller should retain all files that hold data for a customer's instance) - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6296] RCM is hidden behind the Location tree when location has floor plan - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6367] More than 60 Racks when multi-selected don't show right-click option - Panduit Jira


morgan stanley

[SZ-4681] Morgan Stanley Deployment - Panduit Jira
[SZ-4702] Ability to configure on trap polling and subsequent aggregations as optional - Panduit Jira
[SZ-2586] Ability to validate power readings - Panduit Jira

regression test

[SZ-5182] Testing Dashboards - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5188] Testing Intelligent Panels - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5191] Testing Login Scenarios - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5192] Login sees "Home Screen" (Landing Page) - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5194] Testing Location Tree - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5195] Testing Rack View - Panduit Jira
[SZ-5196] Testing Connectivity - Panduit Jira

[SZ-5191] Testing Login Scenarios - Panduit Jira

[SZ-6239] Server 2016 OS and SQL 2016 Support required - Panduit Jira



Panduit Portal (CONNECT)
At Your Service (IT tickets)
GLN -- Maestro 5.0: Login
AnswerSource Interactive
Page
Employee Handbook
code of conduct
Ceridian (Payroll) -- 76660/co-pwd
Software Audit Schedule Template


Jira (kevin.cohen/<short>)
SVN Repos (websvn/websvn)
BitBucket (kevin.cohen/<short>)
Confluence (kevin.cohen/<short>)
vSphere Web Client
builds (official)
build server
Dashboard [Jenkins]
Scrum SmartZone Folsom - Panduit Jira


JMX Console (view data in SynapSoft db)
legacy SynapSoft design docs
SynapSense current active release


SmartZone 8 integration plan docs
Panduit SmartZone
SZ Help Docs for 7.1.1 Build
Training Videos
sz7 dev setup
SmartZone 7.0 Development - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence

Sonatype Nexus
bugzilla (use jira instead)

3rd party

Sencha Command - Touch 2.0.2 - Sencha Docs
jdk 8 docs
API Documentation - Ext JS - Sencha Docs

dcim sw

PIM UI Walkthrough


vSphere Virtual Machine Administration Guide - ESX 4.1
Setting a static MAC address for a virtual NIC (219) | VMware KB


Bitbucket (kevin.cohen/<short>)
Confluence (kevin.cohen/<short>)

spreadsheet - ip addr usage
List of Gateways and their IP addresses: - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence
Kevin Cohen - Preferences - Confluence

ms related

vs dev essentials (from email)
visual studio team services login
Downloads - My Visual Studio
SQL Server Online Docs
email (office365)
calendar (office365)


SS64 | Command line reference
Guide to Windows Batch Scripting - /* steve jansen */
Reading the output of a command into a batch file variable – The Old New Thing

sql server tutorials

WiseOwlTutorials - YouTube
Online SQL tutorial from Wise Owl



Get to Know Docker's Ecosystem — Nick Janetakis
Docker Documentation from Trevor Sullivan
Docker Machine Windows 10 Hyper-V Troubleshooting Tips
Docker Tutorial Series – Romin Irani’s Blog
About Windows Containers | Microsoft Docs
Dockerize SQL Server using Windows Server 2016 Containers – 26thcentury
How to Dockerize Windows Applications: The 5 Steps | Elton Stoneman
microsoft/mssql-server-windows-developer - Docker Hub
GitHub - burhanuddinbrf/Tomcat-on-windows-container: Running tomcat on a docker Windows container.
Dockerize SQL Server using Windows Server 2016 Containers – 26thcentury
How To Remove Docker Images, Containers, and Volumes | DigitalOcean
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) | Docker Documentation
Logs and troubleshooting | Docker Documentation
Get Started, Part 1: Orientation and setup | Docker Documentation
Get started with Docker for Windows | Docker Documentation
Install Docker for Windows | Docker Documentation
Unable to install Docker for windows in Windows 10 Enterprise build 10586.1232 · Issue #1435 · docker/for-win · GitHub
Update Windows 10
Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 update history - Windows Help
Webinar Recap: The Docker Platform on Windows - from 101 to Modernizing .NET Apps - Docker Blog
Docker for Desktop is Certified Kubernetes - Docker Blog
Getting Started with Docker for Windows -
Setting Up Docker for Windows and WSL to Work Flawlessly — Nick Janetakis


DosTips - The DOS Batch Guide
DOS - String Operations
Guide to Windows Batch Scripting - /* steve jansen */


WWoIT - Wayne's World of IT: Difference between bat and cmd



git - .gitignore is not working - Stack Overflow
Using .gitignore the Right Way - ConSol Labs - Create Useful .gitignore Files For Your Project


Exclude files from git without committing changes to .gitignore 🙅
github - How do I create/ add to a .git/info/exclude file to ignore files locally? - Stack Overflow


Standard InstallAnywhere Variables
Customer Community



unit test

How to create unit tests easily in eclipse - Stack Overflow


Eclipse Workspace Tips - DZone Java

My Top 10 Tips on how to be more productive with the Eclipse IDE – EclipseSource


Top 20 Navigation Features in IntelliJ IDEA – Andrey Cheptsov – Medium



Hibernate Query Examples - HQL Tutorial - HowToDoInJava
Chapter 14. HQL: The Hibernate Query Language
Hibernate Tutorials Index - Way To Easy Learn
Learn Hibernate Tutorial - javatpoint
Hibernate Query examples (HQL)
Hibernate parameter binding examples
Hibernate Quick Guide


Maven – Maven in 5 Minutes



sockets - Checking if server is online from Java code - Stack Overflow


Java Regex Capturing Groups - Stack Overflow


Running Java Applications as a Windows Service
Java Service Wrapper - Download Java Service Wrapper
Java Service Wrapper download |




Ext JS - Sencha Docs
20 Tips for Getting Started with Ext JS | SwarmOnline
Easily capture all events on a component in ExtJS (Example)


Online JavaScript beautifier
Online JSON Viewer


JSLint: The JavaScript Code Quality Tool




Front-End - Front-End - Confluence
State and Lifecycle - React



The SmartZone REST API - A Quick Primer and Documentation Tutorial - Demonstration Space - Confluence

sz docs/vids

SEP videos
IMS Customer Information Products Home
PIM UI Walkthrough -- DevelopmentResources



Licenses - Choose a License
TLDRLegal - Software Licenses Explained in Plain English

Batch files - How To ... Validate Input From SET /P
windows - How can I change the timestamp on a file? - Super User


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How to take ownership of files and folders on Windows 10 | Windows Central
Take ownership of files and get full access in Windows 10

SmartZone installer workflow description - Demonstration Space - Confluence


Java in VS Code


python - Text Progress Bar in the Console - Stack Overflow
How to make a still progress in python? - Stack Overflow
Move cursor to *any position* using just ECHO command -
Display a progress bar in a batch script - Tutoriels en Folie
Console Virtual Terminal Sequences - Windows Console | Microsoft Docs

Dans Tools - Online tools for users and developers.
Replace the Image in an <img> with CSS | CSS-Tricks
Accessing Views · deftjs/DeftJS Wiki · GitHub


testing sencha touch with mocha and chai.js using BDD
ExtJS - View Controller Event Listening | EXTJS Architect's
API Documentation - Deft JS - v0.9.1 API Documentation
Sencha ExtJS 4 Examples ported to MVC
Sencha ExtJS 4 Examples ported to MVC
Adding Deft JS to Your Application · deftjs/DeftJS Wiki · GitHub
Deft JS
Brian Kotek: Inversion of Control | RIA Development, ExtJS, DeftJS, CoffeeScript, and Java: Exploring ExtJS with DeftJS
GitHub - ccg/deftjs-contacts-example: A simple Ext JS 4 contact-list app to explore DeftJS
Basic Application and IoC Configuration · deftjs/DeftJS Wiki · GitHub
Upgrading Deft JS to Work with Ext JS 5 |
Clean & Maintainable Ext JS - YouTube
Mock up your REST API with JSON Server - Better Pixels
GitHub - typicode/json-server: Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously)
Create a Mock REST API in Seconds for Prototyping your Frontend | coligo
No API? No Problem! Rapid Development via Mock APIs
GitHub - naholyr/json-server-gui: GUI for json-server
GitHub - dfsq/json-server-init: Generator of JSON files to work with json-server.
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'register' of undefined" error with DeftJS's newest version and ExtJs 4.2 · Issue #112 · deftjs/DeftJS · GitHub
GitHub - deftjs/Examples
How to load Tree Panel from a list store?
extjs4 - ExtJS Application Event Woes - Stack Overflow
Update Store with form values
Identifying and Eliminating Pantry Pests | ThriftyFun
14 Open Source API Testing Tools For REST & SOAP Services - Automation Testing Made Easy
14 Open Source API Testing Tools For REST & SOAP Services - Automation Testing Made Easy

Find in Path dialog does not close automatically when clicking the code area : IDEA-170038


Demystifying the SNMP MIB.pdf




[SZ-6523] NCC 7.0/7.1.1 upgrade to 7.1.3 throws aggregation feed errors related to duplicate records in pam_sensor - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6396] When device is deleted from location tree, unrelated message is displayed to user - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6454] Sensors not getting validated during discovery - Panduit Jira
How can you find and replace text in a file using the Windows command-line environment? - Stack Overflow
[SZ-6422] Connectivity screen reservation tool tip not displayed in IE11 - Panduit Jira
[SZ-6451] 8 wire reserved connection does not allow changing Serial Number - Panduit Jira

ExtJS 4.2 - JSFiddle
Panduit SmartZone


Learn Spring MVC 3, Hibernate, Maven, and TDD
Starting out with Jersey & Apache Tomcat using IntelliJ


CML Knowledge Transfer Sessions July/Aug 2017 - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence
Qlik Code walk through - Friday, February 19, 2016 11.04.39 AM.mp4


Openshift: Use external GIT repository with openshift | GeekWentFreak
SparkNotes: Ender's Game: Chapter 4: Launch
CRAC vs CRAH - Understanding the difference
Can I use my existing git repo with openshift? - Stack Overflow
github - Git - Pushing code to two remotes - Stack Overflow
Pushing to multiple git repos - Alex Armstrong
Use Bitbucket repo with openshift · GitHub
Use existing git repo with openshift | Majolee InfoTech
Getting Started | OpenShift Developers
Free Tomcat Hosting | Tomcat 7 | OpenShift QuickStart
Deployment Options | OpenShift Developers
Datasources | OpenShift Developers
Java EE7 Development and Hosting on OpenShift with Wildfly: Part 1 – OpenShift Blog
Tutorials - Net-SNMP Wiki
Search - Confluence - Application Tools - Frameworks


Sensor Polling - SmartZone - Confluence
Sensor Provisioning - SmartZone - Confluence
Aggregations - SmartZone - Confluence
Power Section - SmartZone - Confluence
Central View - SmartZone - Confluence
SmartZone Trap Codes - SmartZone - Confluence
Methods - SmartZone - Confluence
Data Retention - SmartZone - Confluence
PIN Code Access - SmartZone - Confluence
Gen3 Gateways Firmware Version Information - SmartZone - Confluence
PDU - SmartZone - Confluence
Installer - SmartZone - Confluence
SmartZone Database Upgrade (7.1.1 to 7.1.2) - Transaction Log Issue - SmartZone - Confluence
Non-Functional - SmartZone - Confluence
Morgan Stanley Deployment - SmartZone - Confluence
Technical Solutions - SmartZone - Confluence
Free Port Definition and Examples - SmartZone - Confluence
PDU information - SmartZone - Confluence
Merging SmartZone Branches - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence
Power Section - SmartZone - Confluence
List of Gateways and their IP addresses: - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence
SNMP Test Agents - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence
Update cloned VMs and Customer databases - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence
Aggregations - SmartZone - Confluence

javascript - Explain ExtJS 4 event handling - Stack Overflow
Data Center 101 - The Basics
The Basics of Object-Oriented CSS (OOCSS) -
A Unit Tester's Guide to Mockito | Toptal

cobertura -- code coverage

Mojo's Maven plugin for Cobertura – Introduction
Mojo's Maven plugin for Cobertura – Usage
Mojo's Maven plugin for Cobertura – Report Formats

Learn from Saki: Writing a Big Application in Ext (Part 2)
Tutorials · d3/d3 Wiki · GitHub
How to Remove Activate Windows Watermark on windows 10
The Easy Way to Activate Any Windows 10 For Free (Using CMD)
twitter bootstrap - How to dynamically change themes after clicking a drop down menu of themes - Stack Overflow
Top JavaScript Libraries & Tech to Learn in 2018 – JavaScript Scene – Medium
The Top JavaScript Trends to Watch in 2018
5 essential JavaScript tools for 2018 | Creative Bloq
KUTE.js | Javascript Animation Engine
SweetAlert2 - a beautiful, responsive, customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript's popup boxes
Muuri - Responsive, sortable, filterable and draggable grid layouts
Infinite Scroll · License

erlang otp

Erlang Programming Language
Erlang -- Introduction
Introduction | Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!
Programming Erlang, Second Edition
Erlang Programming
Introducing Erlang
Table of Contents | Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!
Erlang Programming
GitHub - FranklinChen/learn-you-some-erlang: Code from the book "Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good!"
IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 Help :: Getting Started with Erlang
IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 Help :: Getting Started with Erlang
intellij-erlang - the Erlang IDE. Based on IntelliJ IDEA.
Erlang -- Getting Started With Erlang

Update cloned VMs and Customer databases - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence



hibernate - Retrieving all rows of a table without HQL? - Stack Overflow
Hibernate / JPA 2 Persistence Annotations Tutorial - HowToDoInJava
Hibernate Pojo Generator
database - IntelliJ IDEA 10 generate entity (POJO) from DB model - Stack Overflow
Chapter 18. Native SQL

tsql graph

Handling Graphs in SQL - Simple Talk
Graphs and Graph Algorithms in T-SQL
T-SQL Querying - Itzik Ben-Gan, Adam Machanic, Dejan Sarka, Kevin Farlee - Google Books
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008 T-SQL Querying: T-SQL Querying - Itzik Ben-Gan, Lubor Kollar, Dejan Sarka, Steve Kass - Google Books
Finding cycles in directed graphs using TSQL | devioblog
T-SQL Query | [ The Shortest Distance Puzzle / Graph Shortest Path Puzzle ] | Improving my SQL BI Skills
Recursive Queries
Graphs in the database: SQL meets social network | Inviqa
SQL Graph Algorithms - __SQL Dev Lib

Registry key Error: Java version has value '1.8', but '1.7' is required - Stack Overflow
IntelliJ IDEA Minimal Survival Guide – Hadi Hariri
PIM UI Walkthrough
HowToBuildAndRunSynapSoft < DCIMSoftware < TWiki
Introduction | Ext JS 6.2.0
Chrome very slow opening initial first page on Windows 10 - Google Product Forums
line-segments-intersect/line-segments-intersect.js at master · pgkelley4/line-segments-intersect · GitHub
geometry - How do you detect where two line segments intersect? - Stack Overflow
validation - How to validate Extjs Editable Grid Cell - Stack Overflow
forms - Extjs 4 rowediting custom validation - Stack Overflow
ExtJS Tutorials: RowEditing Plugin: validateedit event
javascript - How can I debug to find out why my ExtJS data store is not loading? - Stack Overflow
Grid Validation with Error Indication (suggestions needed)
Validate RowEditor for Unique Value in ExtJS | Non Stop Ext
Number field cell editor : Grid Editor « Ext JS « JavaScript DHTML
Number field cell editor : Grid Editor « Ext JS « JavaScript DHTML
Validation in Editable GridPanel
Extjs 4.1.1 - validatable grid - .NET BLOG
grid - Extjs - Get rowIndex of a selected row - Stack Overflow - Ext JS 4.2.0 - Sencha Docs
javascript - Enforce unique key values in ExtJs 4 grids - Stack Overflow
ExtJs 4 grid validation, how to display error qtip and update cell style
ExtJS Tutorials: How to disable change / validation events when using loadRecord
GitHub - hailwood/jQuery-Tagit: The Jquery Tagit Plugin transforms an html unordered list into a unique tagging plugin.
Top 12 Most Popular Markdown Softwares | Nov 2016 - TPSort
Temporary Tables in SQL Server - Simple Talk
TreeStore filtering.
javascript - Explain ExtJS 4 event handling - Stack Overflow
How do I attach an event handler to a panel in extJS? - Stack Overflow
ExtJS tutorial — MapFish
Easily capture all events on a component in ExtJS (Example)
Ext.js Custom Events and listeners
javascript - Set listener for store events in a controller - Stack Overflow
Guide to Windows Batch Scripting - /* steve jansen */
DB access optimization - SmartZone - Confluence
Tutorials - Javatpoint
Introducing SNMP and Putting SNMP Into Practice
JAXB Tutorial - javatpoint
[Solved]: javax.xml.bind.JAXBException: class java.util.ArrayList nor any of its super class is known to this context - HowToDoInJava
IBM Knowledge Center - IPv4 and IPv6 address formats
Open Color
Semantic UI
Bootstrap without all the debt (Example)
10 Online Learning Courses and Class Resources - Erich Stauffer
Learn Computer Science Online for Free with Our Huge Collection of Open Courses | SkilledUp
5 Free Java Video Courses for Beginner


svn High-Speed Tutorial
Practical guide to subversion on Windows with TortoiseSVN
The Mind Project: TortoiseSVN Tutorial


Cygwin and UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
Cygwin setup gotchas | Code and comments
Cygwin < DCIMSoftware < TWiki


Maven Tutorial 01 Part 1- Introduction and Setting up - YouTube
clean -- Maven Tutorial 01 Part 1- Introduction and Setting up - YouTube


Google Chrome loads very slow. [Solved]
The Curse and Blessings of Dynamic SQL
Table Variables In T-SQL
Table-Valued User-Defined Functions
20 Tips for Getting Started with Ext JS | SwarmOnline
All-In-One Vagrant Virtual Machine for OpenShift Origin
Top 10 JQL Tips from first steps to seasoned tr... | Alfresco Community
What's New In DevTools (Chrome 59)  |  Web  |  Google Developers
What's New In DevTools (Chrome 59)  |  Web  |  Google Developers
What's New In DevTools (Chrome 59)  |  Web  |  Google Developers
GitHub - DavidAnson/markdownlint: A Node.js style checker and lint tool for Markdown/CommonMark files.



Top Ten Static Website Generators | Netlify
Top Open-Source Static Site Generators - StaticGen
7 Reasons NOT to Use a Static Site Generator

vs code shortcuts


Introduction to hibernate framework - Java tutorial for beginners


chrome dev tools

Chrome Dev Tools: Markup and Style
Chrome Dev Tools: Networking and the Console
Chrome Dev Tools: JavaScript and Performance
Chrome DevTools Features You May Have Missed
Chrome DevTools  |  Web  |  Google Developers

css, html

Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc


Getting started with Git - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence
Git Tutorial - Try Git
Ry’s Git Tutorial - RyPress
Lab 1 - Git Immersion - Brought to you by Neo
Git - Book
How to deal with Word Files in Git Systems
Using Microsoft Word with git
14 tips and tools to resolve conflicts with Git - Atlassian Developers


Online JavaScript beautifier
Online JSON Viewer

Windows Apps for Web Developers




github-markdown-css - - The best FOSS CDN for web related libraries to speed up your websites!
Markdown CSS
markdown-styles - CSS stylesheets / themes for Markdown
GitHub - sindresorhus/github-markdown-css: The minimal amount of CSS to replicate the GitHub Markdown style
Github Markdown Stylesheet · GitHub
Markdown CSS
Markdown.css - A CSS Stylesheet To Make HTML Look Like Plain-Text Markdown - DZone Web Dev

md editor

GitHub - mike-ward/Markdown-Edit: My attempt at a markdown editor for windows
GitHub - wereturtle/ghostwriter: ghostwriter is a cross-platform, aesthetic, distraction-free Markdown editor.

Activity Monitor in SQL Server 2012 [HD] - YouTube



Wireshark · Go Deep.
Update cloned VMs and Customer databases - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence


SQL SERVER - Attach or Detach Database - SQL in Sixty Seconds #068 - SQL Authority with Pinal Dave
SQL SERVER - Move Database Files MDF and LDF to Another Location - SQL Authority with Pinal Dave

[SZ-582] INC0169085 Request for 3 tier architectural enhancement in PIM/SZ - Panduit Jira


Windows Operating System Version Numbers
Get Windows OS Version using Command Line
Operating System Version (Windows)
Memory Limits for Windows and Windows Server Releases (Windows)
[JDK-8162776] Add support for Windows 2016 - Java Bug System

How can I detect an .exe version number?


Obtaining errorlevel return codes in Powershell - Is it possible?
Icacls | Microsoft Docs
Windows 7 Command Line Add Group "Users" To File - Super User
Windows: Command line to read version info of an executable file? - Stack Overflow
wmic - Find the version of a installed program from batch file - Stack Overflow
wmic - Find the version of a installed program from batch file - Stack Overflow
WMIC - Windows Management - Windows CMD -
Scripts hangs due to problems with redirection of stdin (windows) · Issue #2511 · rundeck/rundeck · GitHub
command line - String replacement in batch file - Stack Overflow
WMIC Quick Start


Check Connection Status in Script | Qlik Community
Software Download |
QlikView Developer License - SmartZone Tech Notes - Confluence
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